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GAAAAHHHH!!! Buying a home is stressful for those like me.  And by those like me, I do mean the decisionally challenged.  I can barely choose a salad from a restaurant menu.  How can I possibly choose an apartment from all the apartments for sale in the greater metropolitan area?!  And the agonizing has just begun.  Every choice seems wrong.  Either it will be too small, too ugly or too far away from the city center.  Or possibly all of the above.  The fact that we’re trying to buy in area that we cannot really afford makes every choice seem loaded.  Realtors try to make us feel bad in order to convince us to take a worse apartment for more money, but nowadays people have access to the internet, realtor fools!!!  We can see what is really available, and if we are persistent and conscientious enough, we can find a good apartment in our price range.  I know it!  We shall prevail.  I just have to make some serious decisions and not look back.  GAAAAAHHHHH!!!


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