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I just spoke with a friend yesterday about how blessed I feel to be living where I live.  I told her that I knew that there were people who would kill to be in my situation.  I’ve been thinking about it, and I don’t know how I deserve to be so lucky.  Maybe I don’t deserve it.  Maybe there is another impetus for my situation other than myself.  I am married to a wonderful man.  I have a beautiful, healthy (bli ayin hara) child that I didn’t have trouble conceiving.  I am healthy (bli ayin hara.)  I may not have an income, but I do have enough savings that I don’t need to worry.   I have a college degree.  I am bilingual.  And I wake up every morning in a sunny paradise in the holiest city in the world.  I have cherry tomatoes growing in my window-boxes and herbs on my windowsill.  I have a washing machine to wash my clothes with and sunlight to dry them.  I eat delicious fresh fruits and vegetables from farms not too far from my home.  My husband studies Torah and has found a career that fulfills his passions for history, religion and the outdoors.  Could I possibly ask for more?  I live wonderfully on very little money.  I love to cook, so I don’t mind eating at home.  More importantly, I’m a good cook, so my husband doesn’t mind eating at home.  We have friends who come eat with us, bringing laughter (and wine) to our table.  I live in a dream world.

I wish I could tell other people how to achieve this.  But I don’t even know how it happened to me.  I think my happiness has to do with my apartment.  This is ironic because most of my grief also comes from my apartment…The appliances that break, the landlord who leaves something to be desired, etc.  But the fact that I can sit here with windows on all sides enjoying the sound of the chirping birds every day is fantastic.  It should be the ideal atmosphere for writing my masterpiece. 😉  Maybe I’ll try to get started.


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